In May of 2017, a Nashville based duo named The Young Fables embarked on an experiment to film the songwriting process. The hope was to simply capture the construction of a song from beginning to end. To the writer’s surprise, not only was the creative process documented, but Laurel Wright, Wes Lunsford, Dean Fields, and Patryk Larney found themselves writing a relatable and promising new song, ‘Daddy’s Girl’.

The song grew.

Grammy award winning producer, Mitch Dane would produce The Young Fables’ sophomore record “OLD SONGS”, with “Daddy’s Girl” as the feature single. With excitement building around the song, cameras followed the duo into the studio to film the making of the record. Soon, the album was complete. The Young Fables had it all.

That’s when things changed.

A series of unforeseen and devastating events would impact the lives of The Young Fables. Simultaneously, ‘Daddy’s Girl’ took on new meaning. The song could no longer be heard as the once light-hearted ode to a special parent. Despite coping with the tragedy, the duo’s album released to critical acclaim and the track became a favorite among a growing fan base.

Things started turning around.

The Young Fables were handpicked by Shania Twain to perform on USA’s TV show, Real Country. With national exposure, high-remarks from Rolling Stone and a feature video on CMT, the duo was back on their feet.

That’s when things changed. Again.

The lyrics of ‘Daddy’s Girl’ now took on a THIRD life. How could one song be heard in so many different ways? In October of 2018, producer Patryk Larney enlisted director Andy Strohl to take on the arduous task of developing a feature length documentary to adapt the layers of a story unlike any other to the big screen. The Fable of a Song™ chronicles the unimaginable events that followed the decision to capture the story BEHIND the writing of a song and the realization that the story of ‘Daddy’s Girl’ was in fact in FRONT of the song.

The film is projected for a Winter 2019 release.